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Break Fluid Coffee athlete Chris Opie with an organic hoodie on

Break Fluid was founded in 2015 over a brew by two friends, Ant and Chris, with a passion for great coffee. Ant and Chris grew Break Fluid by selling at festivals, offering mail order and getting the word out on social media. In 2019 Break Fluid was sold to new owners with a determination to remain true to the roots but take Break Fluid to new levels.  

Break Fluid launched a new website in Spring 2019, added new athletes to the roster and more merchandise to raise brand awareness. A second new website went live in May 2020 as Break Fluid continues its journey to grow as a business selling great beverages and cool merchandise.

In May 2020 Break Fluid sponsored the Toyota British GT Supra race team to grow it’s presence in the automotive sector and in September 2020 Break Fluid signed a license/distribution agreement with Liquid Line who will seek to install 1000 Break Fluid coffee machines across retail premises and sports venues in the UK. 


Break Fluid’s main shareholder is now Russell Merry who has a lifetime in the action sports industry. Russell worked in the family bicycle company with it’s roots in 1980’s BMX and then 1990’s mountain bike era before joining the leadership team of a global public company in 2009. Sharing the founders 'passion for great coffee' and having an enthusiasm to share the Break Fluid brand with an ever wider audience Russell started working with the Break Fluid team in January 2021.  

Break Fluid Logo 72ppp.png


Our aim with our premium coffee is to source the best seasonal harvests, only selecting small lots from independent farmers, roasting to highlight the dynamic flavours naturally found within the coffee bean.We test-roast each coffee and allow it to rest, it is then brewed in a variety of ways to ensure maximum flavour and quality. Origin, variety, and process are all key factors in determining our coffee’s roast profile – with taste the central focus of everything we do. We focus on the coffee’s unique character and roast to highlight its dynamic flavours and sweetness.

Break Fluid Coffee athlete Chris Opie on an e-bike
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