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The Benefits of Coffee for Cyclists!

Cycling Weekly have recently released an article about the benefits coffee can have on your cognitive and physical ability.

The article follows the launch of Coffee & Health's latest video (see below) featuring multi-disciplined rider, Juliet Elliott. In the video, caffeine and nutrition expert, Dr Neil Clarke PhD, explains the science behind caffeine intake and exactly how it works with the body to promote endurance.

During the pandemic, the cycling industry boomed. It is now estimated that by 2030 Europeans are expected to have bought an extra 10 million bikes per year.

How many of those new riders know the secret to their success is hidden away in their kitchen cupboards?

Get ahead of the game now and sky-rocket your performance with a daily dose of Break Fluid coffee!

For beginners we recommend the Fuel Injector range. Though for the more professional cyclist, a hit of Outlaw will be exactly what the doctor ordered.

To read the full article on Cycling Weekly, click here.

Coffee, Caffeine and Cycling Performance with Dr Neil Clarke (Coffee & Health)

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