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The ultimate fuel bundle. Grab our two most popular coffees, Our ultra high caffeine blend Outlaw, our dark roast strong blend Fuel Injector and our enamel mug for a great price.


The perfect gift for coffee drinking for adventure lovers. 


1 X 227g High caffeine Outlaw coffee

1 X 227g Dark road Fuel Injector Coffee 

1 X Break Fluid Enamel mug 


Outlaw is the ultimate caffeine kick, perfect to fuel your adventure. Made to stimulate and revitalize, this coffee is the supreme solution to supporting a demanding day. All the qualities of our great tasting coffee, with more than twice the hit. 

Cliff diving? Hiking mountainous terrain? Hardcore day at the office? Inject some inspiration into your activities with Outlaw. 

Ecologically roasted & ethically sourced to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality beans available 


Fuel Injector, a dark and rich roasted coffee packed full of deep flavours including bakers chocolate, praline & caramelized sugar.



Fuel Bundle